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We don’t think of the bento box as an important innovation, but we should. Created sometime in 12th or 13th century Japan, the bento box arguably invented food packaging as we know it today.

The secret to the bento box’s success is in its name: bento derives from a Japanese word meaning convenience. The bento’s four internal compartments and lid enable someone to easily carry a balanced meal of a variety of dishes without it getting spoiled. Ten centuries after its invention, the bento box remains one of the most balanced, healthy, and convenient meals around.

Could the bento box do the same for how we see our self-interest?


In cases like quitting smoking or carbon emissions we are most likely to change our behavior when our Now Me forces us to. We quit smoking after a lingering cough or a scary doctor’s visit. We start believing in climate change after the rising waters destroy our property or rip a loved one away. By then it can be too late. Far better is to become aware of our true self-interest before that happens. That’s what warning labels on cigarettes are meant to help us do, and what Extinction Rebellion, Greta Thunberg, and others are doing with the climate crisis. By exposing us to the truth, they invite us to act in our true self-interest.

The original bento box honors a Japanese eating philosophy called hara hachi bu, which says the goal of a meal is to be 80% full. That way you’re still hungry for tomorrow. By design, the bento ensures a balanced meal and balanced life. We’ve been eating like there’s no tomorrow, and now tomorrow’s very existence is in doubt. We’re trapped by a limited understanding of our self-interest. We can escape once we start seeing the whole picture.




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