Unique Retro Mobile Phone X Phone Phone Hashy Earphones For Iphone Pink


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If you are looking for a retro styled iPhone dock, look no further.
This one was designed and created by Japanese home electronics company Hashy-Topin and this iPhone dock allows you to make calls the old fashioned way using a handset with a cord.
Years of progress in making phones smaller and more portable have all been dismissed in one stroke by Japanese gadget and novelty company Hashy-Topin. Phone x Phone is a clever iPhone dock/ Charger unit designed to transform your iPhone into a plain ol’ regular fixed-line telephone. Because you didn’t really want to be that mobile anyway, did you?
When docked, your iphone will charge and sync to iTunes if needed. 
Description : 
One touch button on handset 
More than a microphone, you can use all the features when combine with iPhone 
A base for you to charge your iPhone 
Support iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4 
User Guide : 
For incoming call:
-When receiving an incoming call, pick up the handset then press the function button once to receive and hang up the call. 
For music:
-Press the function button once to start IPod Music.
-Press two times for next song.
-Press three times for previous song. 
For voice control:
-Hold the function button to start the voice control. 
For hands free:
-When receiving an incoming call, press the function button once to receive and hang up the call with hands free. 

Material : ABS 
Dimension : Item: 12.8cm(L) x 13.6cm (W) x 2.7cm (H)
Hand set: 13cm (L) x4cm (W) x 3cm (H)
Package: 19.2cm (L) x17cm (W) x6cm (H)
Suitable: iphone 4/3G/3GS