Scented Reed Diffuser Set by Natural Apothecary Made in England – Wild Jasmine

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Natural Apothecary reed diffuser combines the tangy aroma of Fruit and Flower fragrance and fresh citrus notes to energize, deodorize, clean and refresh.
Our exclusive blend brings the natural goodness of the great outdoors, indoors.
Our Reed Diffusers use only the highest quality fragrance made in England.
Our blend is made with essential oils, is 100% alcohol free and safe for the environment.
Absolutely no heat is needed to enjoy aromatic diffuser reeds.
Add the element of aromatherapy to your personal space, and enjoy your favorite fragrance around the clock without having to lift a finger.
Turn reeds over once to expose fragrance-moistened diffuser reeds to the air.
The fragrance will continue to wick up the diffuser reeds, scenting your room for several months.
To intensify fragrance, invert reeds once a week.
Natural Apothecary Collection is best described by one word: intoxicating!
Rapidly becoming a must have celebrity favorite, our luxurious scents are made from all natural plant extracts.


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