Buzz Wire Drinking Game


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This classic childhood toy has been reinvented to create the ultimate party entertainment – mixing shots and buzz wires together for a shockingly good time!

If you have a house party approaching, then you’ll need some cool entertainment to get you in the party spirit. This cool set features four shot glasses labelled players one to four as well as a surprisingly tricky buzz wire man. This mini assault course for your fingers tests your steady hand as well as your hand eye co-ordination – pitting your wits against the other opponents. Take turns to guide the wand around the man without touching the wire. Each time you buzz you have to take a shot, and the next player takes their turn!

This super fun drinking game is great for up to four players, making the ideal dinner party accessory or pre-drinking entertainment before a night out.

To look after your set, wash glasses in warm soapy water and keep away from dishwashers to keep your glasses in pristine condition – ready for your next house party!

Cool Buzz Wire adult drinking game.
Includes four player shot glasses.
Perfect house party entertainment.
Make a buzz and take a shot!