Adult Collection Clockwork Spring Tin Toys Wind Up Robots Iron Metal Models Craft Tr2015 Electric Lightning Big Face Robot

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Product size: 31 x 18 x 10CM
Product features:install battery on the back of the robot, turn on the switch, robots begin to spin the radar antenna on the head to walk forward, walk five or six steps and then stopped, raised his hands to fire at the front (palm lights flashing, and send out the voice of machine gun) (Note: Pls choose good quality battery.When playing for a long time the robot is not blowing smoke, you can put it flat on the table, the robot to black pipe within five or six drops of sewing machine shortening.)
Note: Tin vintage toys are not in accordance with current toy standard, it is suitable for adult collection or home decor. Products is handmade, may have little defects, if you mind, pls do not buy.
Wind it 1-3 circles clockwise to make it work, do not wind it too hard at first time, otherwise will damage it.