Why need a reason to give gift


S&J, a first-of-its-kind gift-and-collectable” chain store in Malaysia, is the place where one can always expect a unique gift or gift idea that’s a little different, a little better, and yet doesn’t cost the earth.

“To put smiles on customers’ faces” is the one and the only objective that S&J sincerely believes in. With this in mind, S&J is committed in providing its customers with the utmost shopping experiece in order to brighten up their day.

Believe it or not, S&J first started off with a humble beginning back in 2002. From just a tiny shop in Jalan Sungai Dua, Penang, S&J is today one of the most successful and recognizable brand names in Malaysia. Currently it has 1 outlets nationwide which is quite an achievement, considering that it was only established a little more than 9 years ago.

Many of the items on sale at S&J outlets were exclusive and one-of-a-kind. They are mainly imported directly from carefully selected manufacturers in Taiwan, Thailand, China Hong Kong, and Korea. Along with the usage of clever marketing strategies, S&J is able to bring in quality handcrafted gifts at very competitive prices in line with the demands of the customers.

Another distinctive feature of S&J is its continuous collaborations with brands from the world over namely Jeez, MOODY BEAR, Gambatte Touchwood, BIZHOUR, Qualitypaper and Sen Aromatherapy, bringing in their products into this part of the world as a result of these partnerships.

S&J has also in its short history managed to team up with many corporate in co-producing a long list of premium products. With clients from almost every industry imaginable. S&J has been able to accumulate vast amount of experiences throughout the years.

What truly sets S&J apart from the competitions is its seasonal and festive range which are exclusive only to S&J such as the Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Father’s/Mother’s/Teacher’s Day collections that allow customers to personalize their gifts. On top of such exclusively, it also offers free wrapping services, custom-made gifts. as well as delivery services (during peak seasons)

In its effort to satisfy every possible need of the customers, S&J ensured stocks are replenished every month with fresh and exciting new lines. Such consistency makes it possible for the customers to be pleasantly surprised upon discovering something new each time they step into any S&J outlet and leave bringing with them “bagful of joys”

With S&J about to celebrate its forthcoming 10th anniversary to highlight such as significant milestone and to fulfill its true potential as the fastest growing “gift-and-collectable” chain store around. S&J has a plan in hand to venture out into places beyond the shores of Malaysia in the foreseeable future.

As the legendary Richard Bach once quoted “Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness”, this is very much synonymous with S&J’s philosophy of doing business. Such eloquent words inspired S&J into believing the magical power of giving and receiving gifts, regardless of the shape, size and value of every gift.

Visit ower S&J shop in all major shopping malls for gift ideas!

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Aeon Kinta City (F-35)
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Midvalley Megamall (LG-001)
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Gurney Plaza (05-11,12,13)
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Berjaya Times Square (3-24&25)
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Prangin Mall (Lot 2-37)
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LG 68 Alamanda
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